Tabetha Tablet Mount

Tabetha Tablet Mount

Designer: Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Interact. Collaborate. Input data. Watch content. Tabetha turns around tablet use. Most people look down at their mobile device for extended amounts of time, which negatively impacts posture by straining the neck. Tabetha’s easy height and orientation adjustment encourages users to move their tablet to exactly where they need it, for any and every task.

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Approach Work from All Angles

As individuals have unique needs based on their height, posture and work activities, Tabetha allows a person to swivel the tablet 360 degrees into a comfortable position and tilt the screen up to 50 degrees. The stem features a vertical adjustment range with a centre twist lock to set the mount to a preferred height. These controls reduce glare to prevent eyestrain and keep a person’s head from looking down - a healthy posture that helps individuals stay focused and engaged with their work longer.

Work Flexibly, Think Freely

People expect the freedom to move and work where they want - it makes tasks easier to accomplish and helps spur creativity. Tabetha’s freestanding design supports comfortable work wherever people go. Whether someone is moving from their desk to a meeting room, from home to office, or to working offsite, the lightweight, portable Tabetha enhances the quality of work.

One Solution for Many Devices

In a BYOD (bring your own device) world, people may prefer one of many tablets, which come in a wide variety of sizes and brands. With Tabetha, one tool can serve the whole office without limiting device options. The mount’s brackets adjust from 7 to 12.9 inches (to fit popular tablets including Microsoft Surface Pro and iPad Pro), reducing the need for added equipment while giving people the freedom to choose the best device for them. The twist lock feature secures a tablet of any size in this range and rotates easily between landscape and portrait mode.

The most successful workplaces give people freedom to choose where and how they work best. The freestanding Tabetha Tablet Mount encourages flexibility, supporting individuals as they focus on detailed tasks or engage with others to solve problems. Tabetha allows people to adjust the height and orientation of their preferred tablet on any work surface so they can select the location and position where they will be the most productive.

Base Dimensions (L x W): 105mm x 105mm

Adjustment: up to 100mm

Rotation: 360°

Screen Tilt: 50°

Tablet Fit: from 7” to 12.9” tablets

Tablet not included