Aeron Office Chair - Mineral

Aeron Office Chair - Mineral

Your Aeron comes as standard with:
Adjustable PostureFit SL Support
Fully Adjustable Arms
Standard Vinyl Armpads
8Z Pellicle Suspension Material
Tilt Limiter with Seat Angle Adjustment

With your configured options:
Chair Size: B
Base Finish: Satin Aluminium
Castors/Glides: Fitted castors suitable for both hardfloors and carpets
Back and Seat Finish: Mineral

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Masterpiece Remastered

While its iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the Aeron Chair has been remastered from the casters up. With the help of Don Chadwick, the chair’s original co-designer, we updated Aeron to incorporate more than 20 years of research on the science of sitting, as well as advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology.

Get into the Zones

Across Aeron's 8Z Pellicle elastomeric suspension seat and backrest, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension envelop you as you sit, delivering greater comfort and ergonomic support. The new 8Z Pellicle also allows body heat to pass through to help maintain an even and comfortable skin temperature.

A Stance Worth Backing

An active body is at its strongest when standing, chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward. PostureFit SL supports your spine to give you the same benefit while seated. Adjustable, individual pads provide lumbar support and stabilize the base of the spine for a more powerful seated posture.

If You're So Reclined

Sitting in one position reduces the natural pumping action of the muscles that deliver nutrients to the spine. As you sit in Aeron, however, the tilt allows the chair to move seamlessly with your body, so shifting between forward and reclining postures is smooth and balanced throughout the entire range of recline.

A Whole New Aeron

Aeron is available in three tightly curated, holistic material expressions. Graphite is the darkest, a modern rendition of the classic Aeron look. Carbon offers a balanced neutral for a modern chair that works equally well in both warm and cool environments. Mineral is the lightest, with a fresh, ethereal quality that borders on translucence.

One Size Does Not Fit All

With chairs, one size does not fit all people. Based on an ends-to-the-middle design approach, Aeron comes in three sizes (A, B, and C) to provide an inclusive fit that delivers the same level of comfort to the largest range of anthropometric body types of any office chair.

Cross-Performance Design

For individuals sitting in Aeron, cross-performance design means the ergonomic chair fully accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while working, from intense, forward-facing focus to relaxed, contemplative recline.

Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, 1994

When designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick set out to create a task chair that was health-positive, cross-performing, inclusively-sized, and environmentally sensitive, they arrived at a design unlike any the world had ever seen. And the world responded by making Aeron the best-selling and most recognizable office chair of all time.

Aeron demonstrated a pioneering step in ergonomics and material innovation by providing comfort without the use of foam, fabric, or leather. It changed people’s perception of what a modern office chair could be, and in doing so, it soon found a place in popular culture.

Remastered by Don Chadwick, 2016

Fast forward to the present, and the same criteria serve as the foundation for a whole new Aeron. Just as iconic films and albums are updated for new mediums, standards, and audiences, Aeron has been remastered based on Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology, and today’s world of work.

The office of 1994 would be largely unrecognizable today. With all the changes that have occurred, it only made sense that Aeron should also change to better meet the needs of people today.


Size A

Full Height: 870mm – 978mm
Seat Height: 366mm – 490mm
Backrest Height: 521mm
Seat Width: 483mm
Seat Depth: 406mm

Size B

Full Height: 962mm – 1099mm
Seat Height: 427mm – 579mm
Backrest Height: 578mm
Seat Width: 514mm
Seat Depth: 432mm

Size C

Full Height: 1016mm – 1153mm
Seat Height: 427mm – 579mm
Backrest Height: 635mm
Seat Width: 549mm
Seat Depth: 470mm

➤ Aeron Adjustment PDF Guide

➤ Aeron Size-Fit Reference

Care & Maintenance

With regular care and maintenance, your Herman Miller product will provide many years of superior performance and satisfaction. To maintain quality, please follow the cleaning procedures outlined here.

Base, Frame, and Armpads

Wash surface with a soft cloth soaked in mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use solvents or abrasive kitchen cleaners.

8Z Pellicle® Suspension Material

Vacuum fabric as needed using an upholstery attachment. Vacuuming picks up dust and reduces the need for professional cleaning.
Do not brush fabric or use a vacuum attachment with a rotary brush. Brushing may permanently damage the nap or change the character of the fabric.

Spot cleaning

Immediately soak up the stain with a soft absorbent cloth.
Do not dry the stain completely or it may set. The longer a stain is allowed to remain on a fabric, the more difficult it is to remove.

For Water-based stains such as coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices, or milk, use a water-based cleaner (specifically made for cleaning fabric) or a solution of mild warm soapy water (not overly soapy) applied with a damp clean cloth or sponge.
Never use hot water; it will set the stain. Avoid scrubbing.

For oil-based stains such as lipstick, grease, or salad dressing, use a dry cleaning solution applied with a damp clean cloth or sponge.
Test the cleaning solution on a small, concealed area first. If there is no spotting, ringing, or damage to the fabric or its dyes, apply the cleaning solution to the soiled area with light, quick strokes.

Begin at the outside of the stain and work toward the center, being careful not to over-saturate the fabric. Do not over apply water or any liquid solution to fabric.
Excessive wetting of the fabric with any liquid solution may result in permanent damage to the material.
Do not rub too vigorously or you may damage the nap of the fabric or break fibers. Several light applications are better than one heavy application.

Soak up all remaining solution and then use another clean cloth or sponge dipped in cool water to remove any residue. Let fabric dry thoroughly and then vacuum well before using.
If the stain resists cleaning, contact a professional cleaner.